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A Natural Teacher

Mark Evans, Jr. is a performer and pedagogue from the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. His passion for music started at a young age, with the piano and cello captivating his heart. His enthusiasm and determination for music led him to pursue a career as a performer and music educator.

Mark's Music Prep has been providing music instruction to students of all ages since its inception in 2016. We offer instruction for the cello, piano, violin, music theory, and composition. Mark's Music Prep has partnered with many programs and academy's such as Parks and Recreation, George Mason Community Arts Academy, Expressions Music Academy, D.C Strings Workshop, District Music Academy, Capitol kids Production, Gymboree, and The Levine School of Music. We welcome working with students of all ages and skill levels and look forward to helping aspiring musicians reach their full potential.

Mr. Mark received his Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in string pedagogy from George Mason University, where he sharpened his knowledge both as a cellist and a violinist. During his time at Mason, Mr. Evans was an avid member of several performing ensembles, including the Mason Symphony Orchestra, Chamber, Pit Orchestra, Mason Productions, and many more.

When Mark is not teaching, you can catch him performing as Maestro The Cellist as he brings the enchanting and rich sounds of the cello to different mainstream genres. Check out his latest single Elevation here: Maestro The Cellist - Elevation (

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